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We consider your mission . . our mission.

At 1st Step Medical, it is imperative that you know how much we are dedicated to seeing you through recovery. Our pride is not merely in our expertise, but even more so in the recover and health of our patients.

We Serve YOU.

Your physical and mental health is our number one . . . our 1st priority. Each person that enters our clinic is our primary concern and is treated as such.

We have a plan.

1st Step Medical isn’t merely a means of support for your recovery. Our experience and treatments are focused and beneficial!

We love our job.

Intense concern for  individuals struggling with addiction is at the heart of what we do. It is with this in mind that we started our clinic Рwe love helping people!

Addiction can be defeated.

We know how devastating and seemingly unstoppable the power of addiction can be. Ultimately, you must be the one to take the 1st step – but we’re there to help you along with the rest. Recover is possible with the right steps ahead of you!